OMSA was founded in 1976 as a family company . Our main production field has been to produce various metal parts for different sectors of industry at the very beginning Till 1986 we continued to this production . Meanwhile we have been watching the development and growth of plastic industry in Turkish economy . Thus , we started to the production of plastic products beginning with bathroom accesories while improving our product quality as a result of serious quality control .

Our first export attempt was to Saudi Arabia with bathroom curtain rods and liquid soap dispensers . Afterwards we continued to export our products to Syria and Greece and finally we entered to the European Market with Holland in 1995 . While increasing our capacity of production , we also started to produce baby and child products apart from different versions of liquid soap dispensers.

With the aim of increasing our share in the European market, we established the "OMSA INTERNATIONAL BV" in Holland in 2001 . Thus we hope to serve our customers more rapidly and give the best service .